Bernie Sanders proposes a new wealth tax including a steep tax on billionaires. Sanders uses the wealth disparity as a tool to launch class war. Class war to get votes. Socially dangerous and egoistical. Personally I don´t think the solution is to steal money from one group to give to another. Its shortsighted. Taxes should be the solution of last resource. The ultimate political failure. If societal structure worked from the beginning you wouldn’t need new desperate taxreforms.I I think citizens should be able to trust the taxsystem. Real solutions are long term. The best way to understand people is to live in their shoes. If poverty is a widespread problem in the US, why not let some of the congressmen/senators live in poverty with the goal to find solutions to the problem. Its hard to be empathic if you don´t see the world through the lens of the other person. If congressmen were forced to live in poverty I can guarantee you we will see better long term solutions. Myself would love to see more politicians in my country living in the segregated suburbs of Sweden. Then I could start to believe in a bright future for my country.

Johan Bynélius - 30 Sep 2019